We’re on a mission to empower you with fast, safe healing at home through access to medical-grade wound care technology.

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    Over 1 million wounds worldwide

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    Surgeons and wound care professionals

PowerHeal™ fast-forwards your healing.

We’ve partnered with Vomaris Innovations, a bioelectric medical device company, to deliver a cutting-edge professional product cleared for at-home use.

We believe everyone deserves access to best-in-class wound care. By bringing advanced care technology that was previously accessible only through medical professionals directly to consumers, you can take charge of your healing today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is PowerHeal™ different from ordinary bandages?

PowerHeal™ does more than just cover a wound, it helps heal it. Each PowerHeal™ bandage is embedded with moisture-activated microcell batteries. When you apply PowerHeal™ bandage on your skin, it starts by creating that essential moist wound environment, and adds critical antibacterial protection along with added electrical support to enhance your skin's natural healing process.

When should I choose PowerHeal™ With Adhesive versus with No Adhesive?

PowerHeal with Adhesive is a good choice if you are looking for an all-in-one solution (PowerHeal pad + adhesive + absorbent pad included) and you do not have sensitive skin. PowerHeal with No Adhesive is a good choice if you have sensitive skin. PowerHeal with No Adhesive can also be cut into smaller pieces or combined with more bandages if your wound is a challenging shape or size. Remember, if you choose No Adhesive, you will need to provide your own preferred covering(s) to absorb drainage and keep the bandage in place.

Is there proof that PowerHeal™ works?

Yes. PowerHeal™ has a strong base of published studies on the effectiveness of its use in a wide variety of wounds.

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