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Wound Hydrogel

Wound Hydrogel

One size

A 5-pack of Energel® wound hydrogel packets, a sterile and water-soluble gel formulated to maintain a moist wound environment and provide moisture to a dry wound. May be used to activate PowerHeal™ Bioelectric Bandages.

FSA/HSA Eligible

Good for

Comes With

• 5x packets of Energel® wound hydrogel (0.26oz / 7.5g each)

Note: Bioelectric Bandages sold separately

Materials & Ingredients

Energel® ingredients include reverse-osmosis water, polymer, humectant, preservatives (methylparaben, propylparaben). Energel® DOES NOT contain natural rubber latex.

Indications & Instructions

Energel® Wound Hydrogel is used to cover a wound to protect it against abrasion, friction, drying out, and contamination. It can also be used to activate PowerHeal™ Bioelectric Bandages.

For a complete list of indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions, please see our Instructions For Use at

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  • Energel® maintains wound and bandage moisture longer than other ionic moisture sources like sterile saline

  • Moist wounds heal 2-3x faster than dry wounds

  • Moist wound healing supports cell migration

  • Moist wound healing reduces inflammation

  • Decreased inflammation leads to reduced scarring

Intuitive to use

  • Prepare

    Apply a thin, even layer of Energel® hydrogel onto the dotted side of the PowerHeal™ Bioelectric Bandage or directly onto the wound.

  • Apply

    Place the PowerHeal™ Bandage, dots down, directly onto the wound.

  • Secure

    Gently press bandage down to ensure direct wound contact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use Energel® Wound Hydrogel as the PowerHeal™ battery activator?

It is important that both the PowerHeal bandage and your wound remain slightly moist for optimal product function and wound healing. We recommend using Energel™ Wound Hydrogel because our testing shows that Energel maintains wound and bandage moisture longer than other ionic moisture sources like sterile saline (i.e. salt water).

What else can I do to help my wound heal fast?

Keeping your wound moist, free from infection, and protected from additional injury (by keeping it covered) are essential components of effective wound healing.

Moist wound healing is cited in medical journals as the most effective method for wound management; a moist wound environment affords several benefits that results in faster and better quality healing.

The impact of applying a low level of electricity to wounds has also been cited in medical journals; it has been shown to effectively kill bacteria, accelerate the rate of cell movement across the wound surface, and improve the quality of healing.*

How do I know if its too moist?

Remember that a moist wound and a moist PowerHeal bandage are a good thing. Clinical data shows that moist wounds heal 2-3x faster than dry wounds because healing cells and important growth factors can move more quickly in this environment.

But there is such a thing as too moist. You will know if your wound is too moist if the skin around it looks how your fingertips look after you have soakedin the tub too long or been swimming for an extended period (i.e. its white and wrinkly). This is called maceration. If your wound is macerated, you can leave the bandage off for a short period of time until it loses that 'too moist', macerated look. Then simply rebandage it using the steps outlined under "how to apply PowerHeal".